Magnetic Catan Boards: Showing the 3-4 player and the 5-6 player boards. Every piece has the textures bottom. The Robbersaurus Rex is included in the 5-6 player package.

Caged Illusion: This is a deck of unoped playing cards is encased in a 3D printed part. For display purpourses only, the only way to remove the deck is to break them out. Insipired by illusions, magic and puzzles, this was modeled in Fusion360 and printed in a premium Polychromatic PLA.

Magnetic Resource Card Holders: The cards are held in the holding slots with a friction fit, allowing them to stay in place. The holders themselves fit together nicely and the magnets assist in keeping them together.

Magnetic Top Pieces Cup: These 3D printed cups hold the pieces for the Catan playing pieces. The magnetic tops prevent the them from falling out and each has felt on the inside and bottom for a nicer feel.

Past Art Shows for Ristow Designs

  • Art in the Park  Sunday, August 25, 2019 10-4
  • Cheery Cherry Fall Fair  Sunday, September 22, 2019  9-3
  • Jingle Bell Craft Fair  Sunday, November 24, 2019  9-3

Past Shows this Year

  • Falls Memorial Fest
  • Lake Geneva Jaycees Venetian Festival Arts & Crafts Fair 

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  Ristow Designs is proud to present an assortment of accessories for the game of Catan. Using unique, advanced 3D printing techniques we are able to offer a superior product to our customers to further the enjoyment of the game. Please visit our Etsy page for our one-of-a-kind Catan accessories and other exiting products!


Ristow Designs specializes in custom designs for our customers.  We are able to design signs for businesses and homes and we complete a thorough approval process in the designs.

We are fully capable of:
Creating custom signs for small businesses and personal use
Projects are designed utilizing AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and computer sculpting programs, allowing for rederings of the project before hand.

As some of you may or may not know, my wife works in the health care field and we make make ear savers for her staff at ProHealth, and the UWM Cancer Center as no cost. We also make them for anyone that is interested and can use them.

If you are out of state and are interested in receiving them we can gladly help!

Just email us, we are fully capable of meeting nearly any quantity. We just ask you cover the cost of shipping which is usually less then five dollars. 

These are easy to make and cost very little to produce. We ask that donations are kept to a low, as a few dollars goes a long way.

Please be safe and thoughtful, and Thank you for all you support.